2015 Digital photographs, modified ax, hot foil stamped print, died blue rose

This exhibition titled, YOU, features a series of prints, videos and scultpures made to draw the eyes to the horizon in a restless yearning. YOU, becomes a stand in for that thing you think you want that will take care of your problems. Whether a horizon, that no matter your running towards it ultimately maintains its impossible distance, a transparent boat, a failed attempt to dye a blue rose, a purchased spray painted blue rose or an ax lodged into the wall, these instances present the viewer with moments of impossibility or in-between-ness or melancholic stasis. A writer once told me, all you have to do to get a reader to root for a character is to give that character yearning.

I’m Tiny, Oh Shit, I’m So Small
Modified ax
30” x 2”

Everything Is Happening Where The Ground And The Sky Touch Large blue rose 4 feet x 4 feet
Small blue rose 12” x 12”

No boat
Hot foil stamp
8” x 8”

It Doesn’t Take Much
Archival inkjet print
14” x 8”