Where Will You Spend Your Eternity?
One color silkscreen and acrylic paint on plywood
18” x 24”
I was driving on a highway in Northern Michigan a couple years ago and I just happened to look into the forest next to the road to see this bizarre little sign. Then a year later I was making the same drive and just happened to look into the forest at that exact same location to see the same sign again! And it wasn’t a huge sign nor was it right next to the road, it was tucked back in the forest a little and I just happened to see it twice. So, I decided to recreate the sign and plant it in a forest in Indiana. The day I wanted to plant the sign just happened to land on palindrome day, 02/02/2020, an event that won’t happen again this century. Something was happening here. I decided this action of planting this sign could become a shared group event, so I brought a group of friends along and performed an ancient Estonian sacrificial ritual where we sacrificed some bright ribbon and silver to an old oak tree and made a wish.