We Got The Sky To Talk About
4-Color CMYK screenprint
80” x 104”
The title of this piece comes from a Townes Van Zandt song which came to him in a dream. That song, To Live is to Fly, was delivered to him fully written one night sleeping off a serious flu with a head full of antibiotics and cough syrup. The dream was so vivid that he awoke after it was done, wrote it down, and went back to bed. I am just waking up now and writing this down.

During the early part of the pandemic, I started looking at the sky a lot. It became a sort of escape because it felt so huge and permanent but also transient. It could ground me and take me away. It is a landscape but also a part of the cosmos. I like that struggle of internal logic because it can slip through the categories we build to make sense of the world. The sky is an aporetic lid to the world that we live in which mirrors it from below.