In 2018 I was teaching at Interlochen Academy and had a little cabin on campus, like right next to the art building, a 67 second walking commute, it was beautiful. But one day I noticed that I couldn’t walk “as the crow flies” in a direct line to the art building from my cabin, that I had to choose a left or right path that avoided this small wooded area. So I decided to dig a shortcut through small wooded area and the snow. It took a long time and I became worried that it actually took longer than the overall time it would save me, so I decided to do some math. That took a long time too, but was accounted for, along with the time spent shoveling, and it turns out I wasn’t in the red, that I actually added 3 hrs and 8 mins to my life. But I also made an agreement with myself at the onset, that if this project actually saved me any time, that I couldn’t feed it back into regular “productive” activities that I had to use that bonus time to do nothing.
Time, snow, trees, pencil, paper, walking, math