In 2019 I started a curatorial project called, Rideshare Gallery (RSG), that claimed the front license plate of my car as an exhibition space. One day at the DMV I noticed decorative front license plates for sale. The options for designs were limited to sports, country and military. So I thought, what if I try to expand that vocabulary by inviting a new artist every month to show at RSG. I’m usually trying to find ways to get art into the world and putting it on my car is proving to be a great way to literally get it moving through the world.

1. Megan Hildebrandt - LOL Untitled
2. Peter Abrami - Fizzle
3. Sarah Phyllis Smith - Twins
4. Austin Brady - Buckcatcher
Ride Share Gallery
2019 Sizes vary (license plate is 6” x 12”Materials vary per artists (license plates are aluminum)

︎ If you are interested in showing at RSG, email images/sketches and a short proposal to ︎  I accept all media, it just needs to be ready to hang (see image at the end with measurements for drilling holes to mount onto the car).