Fugues (from above from above)
One-color screenprint on found photograph
10” x 14”
A series of screenprints of an ariel photograph of a landscsape onto an ariel photograph of a landscape.

This body of work begins with thinking of landscape as a process not a thing. I have been making prints by translating the musical concept of polyphony) into visual terms. The multiple voices of polyphony challenge the western obsession with the individual — especially as it’s enforced by the single authoritative lens of the camera. Layering and repetition are used to create disorienting rhythms to shake up the logical thinking patterns of the viewer. At once spiritual and political, these images of the American West pivot away from the historical use of landscape photography in the colonization process. They ask us to go back to the origins of the word respect, which means, “to look again,” and to make room for another kind of relationship with the landscape and the more than human world.