A Monument To Wholeness
36” x 8.5” x 11”
One color screenprint

A work in progress that is destined to hopefully fail someday. I had a dream of a grid of images of blue mountains right after I moved to new place and I took it an opportunity to try something new, make a piece based off of a dream. I made the prints then put them up on a wall in a grid and liked it for a couple of weeks before it became underwhelming, so I took them down and placed the stack of prints on a shelf. I then realized the stack was much more interesting than the grid.
This is an image of Mount Saint Helens before it erupted and half of it just slid away like mud. I’m going to keep printing and stacking until it falls over. Then back it off one step so it remains whole. At this point it’s about three feet tall, 8 reams of paper equaling about 2,000 prints.