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By Kyle Peets

On 22, Sep 2017 | No Comments | In | By Kyle Peets


It’s the year 2117 and the world has all but been destroyed by a century of capitalist fed greed and violence. We belong to a group of activists that have discovered a secret underground repository of sports gear and a tattered book on the history of sports. The only problem is that the book is highly damaged and we can hardly read it. We, as the last people on this planet feel obligated to form some teams and invent a new sport for the contemporary aesthetic; one free of sexism, homophobia, toxic-masculinity, racism and any other form of prejudice.

Training Camp was one of three components of THE BIG GAME project I made at The Platte Forum Residency in collaboration with a group of 15 high school students from Denver that used sports as a platform to explore politics. THE BIG GAME was a project where we invented, designed, and physically built a new sport in a fictional dystopian future. Training Camp was a place for us to not only build our sport, but to strengthen our minds and bodies for THE BIG GAME (the inaugural playing of our sport) by holding discussions about the role of sports in culture, and interacting with the various stations like: Impermanence Training where students destroyed a tower of red boxes only to re-build it again, Strength and Condition, a working gym, and The Think Tank, a big yellow sensory deprivation tank without the water so students could process what we were learning or to just take a moment to themselves. Most things in the year 2117 are red (the photos of the ancient sports gear and the stumps) because the great blast of 2102 covered the earth in a nuclear blanket.

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